Donation Management Software for Churches

30 Second Church Online Giving Demo!

Sample Screens of our Online Giving Tools

Our easy-to-use, intuitive interface gives your donors and administrators real-time information. This simple, yet powerful donor management dashboard helps to increase confidence for donors and streamline tasks for administrators. These are a few examples of the views a donor and or administrator see when they log in to our donor management tools. For a full demo of the product and features, please contact us via our contact form.

Online Giving Screens for Donors

Church Donor Dashboard: YTD Contributions
As soon as a donor logs into their MyGivingSolutions account,
they will see a breakdown of their YTD donations.
Donor Management Dashboard Tool: YTD Budget
Donors can also see Budgeted vs. Given charts for all funds to
which they’ve donated.

Donor Management Screens for Administrators

Administrative Dashboard Tool: Manage Contributions
MyGivingSolutions provides an incredibly simple interface to view
snapshots of YTD Giving and Donor participation.
Administrative Dashboard Tool: Powerful Donor Tracking
Administrators can take advantage of robust features to
create detailed reports of all donor activities. Donation Management Software Brochure