Church Online Giving and Donor Management System

Designed with the Donor In Mind
The superiority of MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com church online giving and donor management system primarily lies within user interface.  It has been designed exclusively with your contributors in mind.  A donor can look at their “eternal investments” from any internet connection much like an investor would look at their investment profile from a major brokerage house. MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com significantly enhances communication between your members and the church.  This is important as results from a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Study indicated that the greatest way to increase member engagement and giving was through increased and consistent communication.

The difference
MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com is not designed simply to group and categorize data.  It has been designed from the ground up to provide multiple contact points with your supporters, ease of use and automated communication that recognizes, thanks and affirms contributors.  

MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com’s ONLINE GIVING capabilities empower donors to easily give one-time or recurrent gifts online to multiple church funds and campuses.  Contributors receive automated thank you messages for their gifts which affirm offerings have been received and allocated appropriately thereby increasing member confidence and giving.

MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com’s DONOR MANAGEMENT features empower church leaders and administrators to consistently communicate with their members.  Our robust reporting features enable you to track online and offline giving trends, report on unlimited funds, single or multiple church campuses and facilitate unlimited users.

Ease of Use
At MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com, we recognize that the majority of administrative frustrations result from trying to take online and offline giving information and member data from systems to produce simplified reports that communicate clearly to both church members and leaders.  As a result, administrative tasks are streamlined.  Your can report on multiple funds, multiple locations, date range and much more.  Data can be integrated into most church management systems and all reports can be exported to Microsoft or .pdf formats.  MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com can be used as a stand alone online giving donor management system or in tandem with your current church management system.

A Powerhouse System
MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com offers both online giving and donor management components resulting in streamlined features and enhanced usability.

MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com has the ability to handle a single location or multiple church campuses with unlimited funds and users.  Leaders and administrators have the ability to know the status of online and offline giving information, funds, trends, etc. that is crucial to the financial health and growth of your church.

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MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com Church Online Giving and Donor Mangement System  Brochure

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Donation Software

  • Designed with the Donor in mind
  • Set up unlimited Fund categories
  • Set up unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Robust reporting features – report on
    multiple funds, locations, date range
    and much more
  • Review giving information on the internet
  • Multiple contact points that allow
    you to confirm donor information
  • Ease-of-use increases donor
    confidence and giving experience
  • Streamlines administrative tasks
  • Powerful software that handles
    multiple campuses with unlimited
    amounts and donors
  • Optional Debit Card Only Online Giving
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