Church Online Giving and Donor Management Features

Your CHURCH will benefit by:

    • Stabilized giving trends through recurring online giving
    • Simplified, user-friendly controls designed to streamline the entry and recording of contributions
    • Efficient contribution, pledge, and donor fund management
    • Support for capital campaigns
    • A secure, web-based product that that can be accessed from any computer with internet access
    • Automatic program updating without the hassle of disks, etc.
    • Freedom of dependence on internal servers or networks
    • Preference controls to customize the level of reporting fund totals and budgets to contributors
    • Auto generation of emails to thank and notify first-time contributors of their online accountwith login information
    • Automated email receipt for every contribution
    • Customizable receipt content to keep your donors informed
    • Savings of postage and personnel hours in the preparation and mailing of giving statementsand reports
    • Graph displays of comparisons of giving periods
    • Multi-site support which enables tracking by location
    • Automated email to thank every donor for every contribution

Ultimately, we believe that church donor management software can increase the level of electronic giving in your church by providing a tool for communication, accessibility, and gentle accountability with your donors!

Demo Church Online Giving Software                                                     Donation Software Features