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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Increase Giving to the Church one online donor at a time

Giving in the church means giving to a cause. It means allowing your church to grow, expand and spread the word of your faith and your ability to serve the community. An online church tithe gives your church members and visitors a chance to connect with the church on a spiritual level.  An online tithe allows members to feel closer to the community, knowing that they helping through their charity.

It is important that the donor feels that same human connection they do when they give to the church online as they do on Sunday mornings. A great and simple way to get more donations is to show them where there money is going.  A 3 minute heart-felt online video testimonial can instantly create a human connection, even just a small photograph with a few sentences beneath it can be enough to persuade a donor to give again, or to give as a first time donor.
Keep asking your church members to sign up for online donations as well. Direct them to your site and be sure to have information on where their donations are going, such as mission projects, and ask for money there.  Ask them in your email newsletter and ask them during your stewardship and capital campaigns.  Ask them before they go on summer vacation!

Being able to give to tithe online allows anyone who visits your site the chance to donate, not just the members of your church. Keep your donations page up to date with the causes and purposes clearly stated.  It gives you the opportunity to share the church’s passion with anyone and allows them to do what they can to help.  People give to churches they trust.  Make sure they know exactly how their tithe will be spent.

MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS can help setup your online tithing or online giving so that donors have the security of knowing their money will be transmitted securely and that you take their stewardship seriously.  

How to grow your online tithing participation

  • Dedicate a page on your website to explaining the purpose and mission of your church and the various ministries it is involved in.
  • Make it human – tell stories about real lives that have been touched by your church
  • Record videos and get these people to tell their stories – POWERFUL!
  • Don’t make people jump through hoops – use to make it an easy tithe!  

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