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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have you considered the potential resource the Internet offers in funding your church’s missions or ministries? Might it make sense to reach beyond your local membership to those who share your church’s distinctive vision?

Just as people spend more than ever on online purchases, online giving is the fastest growing church giving trend. A few simple guidelines can help you maximize this inexhaustible resource.



Rev. Robert H. Schuller describes his masterful fundraising strategy in “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do”. He says that needing $5 million, you can get it all from one person, a dollar each from 5 million people, or any combination to reach that total. The Internet lets churches benefit more from small contributors in online giving.

Social Media

Social media, most notably Facebook, empower single dollar online giving more than any prior contact method. You can reach millions with Facebook pages and causes, and support your own congregation without having to depend on local members for finance, but it needs doing right.  Tell a real story – one that communicates how your church is changing lives and then make it easy for people to give to your cause.

Fresh Content

Your website, and any associated social media pages, need fresh content optimized for search engines. Before you can find perfect donors halfway around the world they need to find your cause. Then they need to take interest. Articles should be pertinent, interesting, and updated regularly.  Make sure your website is updated often and optimized to attract people to your causes.

Visual Appeal

Churchgoers may say that appearances do not matter, but few things make them leave a web page quicker than an amateurish appearance. The website design needs to welcome them and draw them to your ministry.

Go Mobile

The fastest growing sector in digital hardware is mobile technologies. From smart phones to tablets, potential online contributors will find you on the go.  You need to incorporate online giving into this medium to maximize mobility.

Outsource Fundraising Management

With so many other tasks to complete, the last thing you need are more accounting chores tracking thousands of single dollar donations. That is where the services of can help your church. We offer an intuitive online giving solution convenient for both you and your donors, freeing your time to advance your mission.

Involve the Whole Congregation

Managing your website, social media portals, and numerous other pages can mean a lot of work. Fortunately, you probably have the talents to manage them within your own congregation.  Site maintenance and updates make a great activity for youth ministries, and they may already know more about it than your adults.

Youth and adults under 30 have grown up with the Internet, mobile technologies, and social media. For older people leading the congregation these only amount to representations of a more tangible social environment. For young people, used to texting each other from the same room and posting new photos straight to Facebook, social media is the literal social environment. Their familiarity with digital interaction is your greatest online church fundraising resource.

With these options, churches can count on more of their online giving to come from smaller contributors. This makes your church and its mission less dependent on any single revenue stream, and leaves you free to fulfill the mission God has given your church.

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