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Wednesday, November 02, 2011 is a perfect resource for those people who care about their church family yet cannot always attend services.  The world is a busy place and sometimes life gets complicated.  Attending weekly services may be challenging during seasons of life for many people. And yet, these important church members are a vital part of their church home.  Tithing should be accessible to these special members of the church body even when they cannot be physically present. makes it easy for those absent members to honor their stewardship commitments without having to travel to the church or mail in a check.  We all know that many older folks have trouble making it to their church home weekly.  In fact many seniors can no longer weekly attend their church services due to health related issues.  Retired people, who are deeply committed to their church often travel near and far, which takes them away from their church home making it difficult to tithe.  And as our culture continues to change, many families with young children find themselves attending sports events on the weekends which take place during church services.  When absent, tithing takes an extra step, is overlooked or even forgotten. provides your absent members the opportunity to more easily give and stay connected with their church family.  Giving members the opportunity to give with such ease will be appreciated by those who cannot always worship weekly with their church family. (a perfect resource for online giving solutions) allows these important church family members to plan ahead to give.  They can set up weekly, bi-monthly or a monthly tithing plan.  At any time they can access their account.  

If the giver wants to change the amount they give, direct it for missions, or a love offering, they can.  Church members who use as their online giving solution can also access their account and see how much they have given over a period of time and do so from their home, their grandchildren’s home, or even overseas.  They can even print their own tax statements!  This is welcomed news for people who find health, travel or other circumstances keeping them away from the church they call home.  Giving fulfills a need and desire to support a greater purpose.  We make that possible for all church members. And the best part is that both the church body and the giver will be blessed when they easily tithe using

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