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Friday, October 14, 2011

Online Giving: A Whole New Way to Tithe 

Ministry happens when people share their financial tithe. The church operates and stays alive due to these gracious gifts that change lives. This important community breathes life and love into its members and chose that are touched by their generosity. Now, our cutting edge technology has welcomed and created a completely new way to give. Now your church or organization can spend  your time doing true ministry.

We partner with you to make giving easy and organized. Our online giving program is comprehensive, innovative and changes the way people gift and tithe. Donor management is simplified and organized. Having this renowned system takes online tithing to a completely new level.  Your congregation will love the unique and wonderful organized method of sharing and tithing online. With the click of a button, our church giving software allows users to gift their church when, where and how they want. Online giving solutions will change the way your people give. People will love being able to be in control of their tithing online.

No longer will people need checks or cash on hand. You can easily set up a weekly-organized payment method that helps people track and know how much they have given. If church members are absent and want to tithe, it won’t matter because you can give without ever leaving home. And best of all, our church giving software does all the accounting. Tax time is much easier and people can track their giving any time they want. This incredible method of church online giving will keep things simple yet complete. People will want to give more as they see their tithes at work and can responsibly plan ahead. Communication about giving is instant and available twenty four hours a day.

Our church giving software makes donor management safe, private and secure.  In the end, you will find that this church donor software will even give people the freedom to tithe more when the opportunity exists. Giving will increase and stabilize as people take advantage of this new way to share their financial gifts .Online giving makes donating responsible, simple and even fun. We are excited to see your church or organization embrace our program and have more time to focus on the world and people in it.

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