Year-End Appeals and Future Planning: Efficient Administration and Effective Communication



This blog is provides valuable information to help with online giving for churches and online giving software for churches.

Friday, December 03, 2010 can help your organization efficiently administer and effectively communicate year-end appeals and future planning.

1. Track Giving History:’s reporting tools can help your organization easily track giving over the past year and review giving trends to plan future campaigns. Members can track their individual donations or view church-wide giving for funds that you deem appropriate.

2. Share Your Story:

Results from a stewardship survey conducted through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary indicated that the best way to increase member giving is to provide consistent communication.  Consistently communicate with your members via’s email tools. Inform your members how their gifts have improved the church, enhanced lives both in their community and through your missions.  Appeal to all or selected members for year-end gifts to fulfill financial deficits.  Provide your vision for the coming year by communicating new campaigns, programs, missions and general funds.

3. Provide Ways to Give:

Provide your members the opportunity to give while at church or away with online donations.  Recurrent, electronic giving can help to stabilize giving trends when your attendance fluctuates.

4. Give Thanks: automatically sends a personalized message to thank members for gifts given online or in person.  Saying thank you allows you to acknowledge members for their donations while assuring them that the gift has been received.  Providing sincere appreciation is one of the best ways to ensure that donors will give to your organization again in the future.

5. Provide Tax Receipts:

In addition to mailing, members can easily print charitable tax receipts quickly and easily from home using’s member portal.  This helps to eliminate your administrative costs and phone calls to ask when year-end statements will be received. was designed to help churches lower administrative expense and time through our robust reporting and communication tools.  We seek to help organizations grow, stabilize and retain donations by offering new ways to give, establishing recurrent giving to stabilize donation trends and immediately thanking members for their gifts to retain future donations. 

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