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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Congratulations on the setup of your online giving software!  Now, in order to grow and stabilize your giving it is important to communicate to your members that they can now establish one-time and recurring tithes and gifts online.  Below are some suggestions about how to communicate online giving to your church membership.

Make it a Part of Your Message:

After establishing your church online giving software, let your members know that this option is now available during each church service.  Explain your church’s giving philosophy, how donations will be used to accomplish your mission, special programs and capital campaigns.  Provide the benefits of how easily members can establish recurring gifts, track their individual donations and view giving church-wide. 

Make it Easy to Give:

Place a “Give” button and/or tab on your website homepage so that it is easily accessed by your members. Provide your church’s giving philosophy, steps to set-up online gifts and methods that people can give (i.e. ACH, Credit/Debit Card Processing).

Put it in Print:

Spread the word by incorporating your church online giving in each week’s programs and church bulletins.  Add “how to give online” information to new member packets, pledge packets and financial updates.

Electronic Messaging:

When using’s electronic messaging tool, provide a link to donate to new funds, program registrations, or inform members when funds will be closing so that they have an opportunity to give.

Make it Social:

Post information about online giving on your church Facebook wall, Blogs or Twitter feed.  

Communicate the Benefits:

It is important to communicate not only how online giving benefits the church but also how it benefits the donor.  Some of the key donor benefits are:

  • Much like online banking, online giving allows members to budget their household finances by including recurring gifts to the church.
  • Members can manage their giving (i.e. change gift amount and frequency, donate to a new fund, view their giving history, etc.) anytime without delay.
  • Members can donate via their most preferred method as established by the church (ACH, Credit Card, Debit Card).
  • When the church sends out electronic bulletins communicating new programs or church funds, members can immediately donate or register online.
  • Members can easily track their own, church-wide giving as allowed by leadership team, as well as receive personal tax receipts at their convenience.

Through effective communication, each church can utilize online giving to increase donations while stabilizing giving trends.

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