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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 has increased our annual giving by 104% during a time when our congregation only grew 65%” reported Doug Curlee, Executive Pastor for Fellowship of the Parks in Keller, Texas

After participating in a Stewardship Survey, Fellowship of the Parks Church in Keller learned that the best way to increase giving was to increase communication with their church members. By communicating financial goals, reporting current funding to annual goal and sharing the good that is being done in the church and community as a result of tithing, a church can engage and incite their members to give.  With this understanding they were met with a challenge that many churches face:

“How do we increase communication without increasing expense?”

A common practice is to mail quarterly financial statements consisting of:

  • A Letter from the Pastor
  • Church Financial Summary
  • Member Giving History
  • Pledge Form
  • Postage Paid Return Envelope

The cost for communication to 500 church members quarterly = $374.00 per Quarter with total cost of $1496.00/year


Cost per Item

Amount Needed

Total Cost


600.00 desktop copier

Avg. Life 10 years @ 4x a year


Toner Cartridge

$85.00 per 4,100 pages

1,500 letters + 1,500 envelopes


Copy Paper

5,000 case

multi-purpose $40.00




$8.00 per 500




$15.00 per 600




.15 per item



Administrative Time**


16 hours


Total per Quarter



*Non-profit bulk mail rate 3.5 oz or below mailed to 1 zip code. 
**Based on minimum wage, cost to compile and send packets. 
   Administrative time and cost for received pledges not factored.

While mailed quarterly statements can increase giving, it doesn’t remedy all issues in that:

  • As congregation size increases/cost increases
  • Allows little flexibility to communicate needs or successes quickly
  • Members have to wait for information to be pushed-out vs. accessing data immediately
  • Members wait for thank you letters,  tax receipts, and giving statements

Fellowship of the Parks sought to increase communication and decrease mailing expense by developing the web-based donor management software,  Compare the expense for quarterly communication cost to the ability for constant conversation in a 500 member church:

  • Mailed Quarterly Statements Annual Cost = $1496.00                   
  • Constant Communication with =  $708.00  (not including $150.00 setup fee) enables constant communication by:

  • Providing a portal where members can immediately access individual and church-wide funding information
  • Immediately sending customized thank you responses for each gift given and ability for members to print tax receipts at time of donation
  • Equipping church staff with the ability to send out e-mails about current goals, new campaigns, and current stories on how monies were used to improve their community to selected groups or all church members

As churches face financial challenges in securing funds for their congregation and community, offers a solution. By increasing effective communication with their members while decreasing administrative expense, more monies can be raised and used to benefit their church, congregation and community.

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